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About Kwame Anu Anthony Scott, Ed.D.

I am the oldest of ten children born to Willie and Martha Scott. I was born in Gary, IN and moved to Chicago, IL. when I was about 1 or 2 years old. Our family moved from the south side to the west side and then the north side of Chicago. We finally moved to Cabrini Green projects as a family. That is where I left my family to go to Iowa Wesleyan College., located in Mt. Pleasant, IA.

My career as an educator started at Calhoun elementary school, where I taught fifth and sixth grade. In retrospect, these three years at Calhoun made me a better high school teacher. I learned how to teach students. High school teachers learn to teacher the subject and that is a big difference. I later move to Austin High School Academy where I taught students mathematics. I also became the track coach, football coach and athletic director.

I moved up to an assistant principal of a high school and next to a principal of a middle school and finally a high school. I was a Director of a city-wide program working with 10 high schools and 43 of their feeder schools. I have worked as an adjunct professor at a several Community Colleges. When I am needed, I teach methods classes in mathematics for an advanced degree at National Louis University. I recently worked at Loyola University coaching assistant principals in the program who are aspiring to become principals while they worked on their doctors’ degree.

I do consultant work with mathematics teachers ranging from elementary school to high school with Pearson and for my own company-Djehuti Maathematics, LTD.
My education includes a BS in mathematics, MS in Inner City Studies, MS in mathematics, and MS in Educational Administration and an Ed.D in Education Leadership.
I have set on four National boards (BBA, NCTM, NCSM, and MSEB) in mathematics. I have spoken and did presentations on the national level for mathematics since 1990.

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