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My experiences of teaching in Chicago Public Schools has shown me some of the salient reasons and evidence why African American students are regulated to the bottom tier of academia. I have also observed this in teachers’ classrooms in many schools and cities. The low academic performance of these children has become a fundamental of American education system. Because of this, our children of African ancestry are suffering at an alarming rate. It is commonly known that Black children are located regularly on the bottom of practically all data that are narrated about students’ academic performances.

Our colleges and universities where teachers go to study have not adequately dealt with teaching our children. Our school leadership have not made any definitive move that address the concerns of children of African ancestry in particular. So being an adjunct professor who teaches mathematics methods classes, and a consultant for K-12 educators have provided me more experiences to take up this challenge.
Studies show that when students of color are provided learning opportunities that integrate their interests, learning styles, and cultural values, their academic motivation increases, they become engaged academically, and their learning is enhanced. DR. Williams (2015) An RTI Guide to Improving the Performance of African American Students.

If you can show me how I can cling to that which is real to me, while teaching me a way into the larger society, I will not only drop my defenses and my hostilities, I will sing your praises, I will help the desert bear fruit. Janice E. Hale (2001) Learning While Black: Creating Educational Excellence for African American Children.

I believe that the most comprehensive approach to address this miseducation is to develop a working guideline from which I have researched from two public schools that are called African American Immersion schools combined with my past and current experiences.
My book “Building a Conducive School Environment for the Education Black Children” is designed to take up this challenge.

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