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Welcome To Djehuti Ma'athematics, LTD...

Djehuti Ma'athematics, LTD was founded by Dr. Kwame Anu Anthony Scott, an Educator, Mathematician and former High School Principal.

Dr. Kwame Anu Anthony Scott is a proponent of Mathematics as a vehicle for problem solving for individuals, groups, communities, etc. He is a Consultant, introducing Mathematics based Logic and Problem Solving Programs / Curricula to Students K-12, from an Afro-Cultural Perspective.

The Program Implementation has truly amazing results!

References available upon request.

What is an African Centered Curriculum?
• Academic excellence, cultural relevance and character development (Lee 1992)
• Rooted in the concepts of Ma’at
• Developed through the principles of Nguzo Saba
• Children are taught to use their gifts and talents to uplift the community and family and strive toward excellence


Is a body of work developed from Dr. Scott's Doctoral Thesis / Research.His Thesis/  Research is the foundation upon which this very informative Educator's Guide was built.

U.S. traditional, educational approaches have failed to reach, activate and stimulate the minds of many of our black children. As Black educators we must equipt our future with the tools they will need to qualify, compete and take leadership within a new world order. Without such an approach our children, we as a people, are doomed. We will have no one to blame but we ourselves. This work is a must read for particularly black educators who understand that a significant number of our youth are failing by design.

Please contact us, and we will forward updates, news and information regarding the release of Dr. Scott's book(s).

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Home About  Maathematics The Book

Kwame Anthony Scott, Ed.D. is available for lectures, presentations and /or book signings. Contact him by phone at  773. 415. 2595. To be added to Dr. Scott's  email list send us your email by completing the attached form. Thank you. 

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