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Mathematics for Liberation


Education without any relevance does not help kids know how to use it.


"The educators must be willing to change. If something is not working, we can't say it is the child's fault. We don't put the blame on the child, or the family, or their situation, we have to take full responsibility that this child can be educated."

We are not the predators, we are the prey. We must learn not to be captured or killed.


1) Teach them to value Race First

2) Tie the children to their community and develop a sense of future

3) Provide the children with the tools to be successful and to make a difference, and have a place in society

4) Help our students make connections with their ancestors who have made tremendous contributions to the building of society today

5) Make connections between what they learn and how they live

6) Prepare them to control their own business.

7) Keep students from getting hung up with negative images

8) Give students a beginning, some roots, self-worth and dignity, so they can grow as individuals

9) Help our children be a balanced person knowing who they are, developing values for life and becoming proud of it

10) Get ready for a career, and have lifelong learning skills

11) Understand our history in Africa and the world, and to be a functional human being

12) Provide a passport to the future

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